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TAR UMT Virtual Internship & Career Fair (FOCS) 2022

28 Nov - 2 Dec, 2022

What Can You Do?

Register & Prepare

Create your interactive profile and upload your resume. Join webinars, training and activities to get yourself ready.


Join live webinars and interact with employers to learn more about career opportunities and ask questions straight to the recruiters.

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Interact with employers via live chats and apply for jobs and internship opportunities. Get shortlisted for a video interview.

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Manage your interview schedule via My Activity tab. Establish your connection with employers via LinkedIn to get constant updates.


Over 30 employers are joining with more coming soon. Register, apply jobs and engage with the employers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Attend TAR UMT Virtual Internship & Career Fair (FOCS) 2022

• Anyone that seeks to get employed for full-time or for internship or looking for a career change are encouraged to participate and familiarize themselves with the virtual industry recruitment experience as digital recruitment is getting more common nowadays. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend, apply for positions available and send employers a chat message.• We have a special SME section for talent seeking to engage themselves in the project base should consider taking part to enhance your career portfolio.

How do I join the TAR UMT Virtual Internship & Career Fair (FOCS) 2022?

We strongly encourage you to register, build your online profile and familiarize yourself with the features of the virtual platform as you will be interacting with recruiters via the platforms.• Register and create your profile under ‘My Profile Section’.• Upload your resume, transcripts, portfolio, LinkedIn and other documents on ‘Upload Document’ section.• Utilize the live chats function to interact with the employers to ask about job openings and career opportunities• At your “Home” page, RSVP to attend the employer webinars/ video consultation sessions/Dialogue Sessions and participate actively.
Here is the guide to help you to understand better about the virtual platform navigation

Do I need to upload my resume?

Strongly encouraged. You can use the profile builder to create an online resume on the platform. However, it is best to upload your resume and other documentation like your portfolios, LinkedIn account, etc to make your profile more complete.

Do I need to attend all the webinars sessions?

All students are encouraged to join the employers’ webinars during the How do I join the TAR UMT Virtual Internship & Career Fair (FOCS) 2022. According to the schedule with different slots time which have been arranged for the benefits of the students.

Who are the participating employers?

Please refer to this virtual fair platform for the full list of employers or the TAR UC SCDC Facebook. We will update the list when new employers are added.

Are the companies hiring at the event?

Most of the participating companies are hiring for multiple positions. Employers can chat or schedule online call/ interview with you if you are shortlisted. Hence, do login and check your inbox and “My Interview” section for any updates.

What positions are they hiring for?

Employers are looking to hire for graduate employment, full-time and internship opportunities.

Tips for attending the virtual event?

• Join the Prep Days webinars and video consultations to get your resume and LinkedIn profile polished. Gather the interview tips and start practicing.• Register and complete your profile earlier. Start to read up on the participating employers’ profiles.• RSVP and join the HR Dialogue sessions conducted by your preferred employers. If you are shy or simply terrified, join in pairs. You may even join the session as a group. Just wait for your turn to ask questions.• Prepare and practice your self-introduction or 30-second elevator pitch to capture the attention of the employers if you are shortlisted or you are joining the HR Dialogue sessions.

What should I do after the fair?

• Compile and organise the information you have collected.• Follow up with recruiters from organisations that you are interested or have submitted your CVs during the virtual career fair.• Prepare for any upcoming interviews or assessment centres or any other graduate selection techniques.• Seek for guidance or advice if needed and practice the interview skills.

During the TAR UMT Virtual Internship & Career Fair (FOCS) 2022 – What should I do?

• Log in and look for internship, job or project base opportunities.• Utilize the live chats function to interact with the employers to ask about job openings and career opportunities. Login to the platform, select and click on a company profile and then start the conversation via the live chat function – ‘Chat with us’.• Actively drop your resumes to your preferred employers.
• Log in regularly throughout the 5 days as employers may drop you messages or schedule a call with you.
• Attend the companies’ webinars to get the opportunity to interact with the recruiters.

What is Employer’s Webinar session – How can I join the session?

• It is a 1-hour virtual meet-up session with the employers’ HR.• Some employers may do a quick presentation about themselves and some may go straight into Q&A sessions with the students.• Make a list of questions. Try to focus on questions that will give you better understanding of the organization.• Do not ask ‘self-interest’ questions regarding salary, benefits, etc.• Some sample questions:i. Can you advise on your organisation’s recruiting timeline/cycle?
ii. Can you share with us what you look for in applications and what should be avoided?
iii. Can you share with us the skills or experience your organisation is seeking?


• Participants are not able to access the virtual platform after 2 December 2022• Kindly save or download important information from your page and follow up with recruiters after the event ends.

How To Use The Platform

The virtual career fair platform is where all the activities will be including company profiles (virtual booths), interviews, chats, & webinars. If you need some guide on how to use the platform, you may refer to the video and download our guide below.


Over 100 employers are joining with more coming soon. Register, apply jobs and engage with the employers!


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Video Guide & Tutorial

We have prepared guides for you and your team in the form of a readable PDF and a YouTube video. Feel free to use this and share with your relevant team that will be using the platform.

TAR UC Virtual Internship & Career Fair 2022

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Thank you for joining us! The event has ended and access to the platform is no longer available

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TAR UMT Virtual Internship & Career Fair (FOCS) 2022

28 Nov - 2 Dec, 2022

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